2022-2023 MGSH MusicAl theatre




 MAY 12, 13, 18-20, 2023



 Maple Grove Senior High Theatre Boosters


The goal of the MGSH Theatre Boosters is to support the MGSH Musical Theatre Department financially, with volunteer resources, sponsorship and community outreach to provide best-in-class theatre and theatre arts learning experiences for students at MGSH and throughout our community.


In this day of cutbacks and funding decreases, it is essential that we supplement the limited funds that are allocated to the Theatre budget in order to enhance the educational experience of our students.  The best thing you can do to support that cause is to become active in the Boosters. Through your financial support and by offering your time and talents, you are making a difference in the lives of our students. 


You can reach us at: mgshtb@gmail.com or 952-353-0125




OUR 2022-2023 BOARD

Tracy Druckemiller - President

Jessica Westberg - Vice President

Pam Sheedy - Secretary

Nicole Lowe - Treasurer

Erik Renk-Grant - Member at Large / Fundraising

Heather Lewis - Member at Large / Merchandise




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